"Shadram Shimi" is one of the supported startup of Kermanshah Science and Technology Park, which supplies 4 types of acids and 2 types of sodium fluoride and Ammonium bifluoride  salts that supplies the entire market of Iran. In addition to meeting domestic demand, the company's products are also exported to Armenia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

According to Public Relations of KSTP, Sajjad Shadram, CEO of Shadram Shimi, said: "The company produces four types of acids and two types of salts based on fluorine and ammonia, which have different applications in industry."

Shadram added:”fluoric acid HF (main product), hydrofluoric acid, silicic acid, titanic acid, as well as two types of sodium fluoride and Ammonium bifluoride are the products of company”.

he reiterated: "Our Company is the first and only producer of these products in Iran and we supply the entire market. Some of these products are also exported to other countries including Armenia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan."

Shadram, stating that he has four inventions in the field of chemical products, said: "Among these inventions is the process of producing fluoride acid from fluorine soil in Iran, simultaneous production of silicic acid with fluoric acid and production of pure fluoride acid with 68% purity by reducing adsorption towers."

In the end, referring to the membership KSTP, Shadram said: "We are looking to create technological structures to support startups in this field with support of KSTP in the New Year."


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