President of Kermanshah Science and Technology Park said:” Kermanshah Technology Tower will become the hub of technology development in Iran's western provinces.”

According to Public Relations Department of Kermanshah Science and Technology Park, Dr. Siamak Azadi added: “after completion of Technology Tower and establishment of 110 knowledge-based companies and Startups, as well as establishment of other structures of technological ecosystem, this tower will become the hub of technology development in western Iran.”

Azadi went on to say: “Technology Tower is one of the effective platforms for development of technological ecosystem of Kermanshah, many knowledge-based companies and Startups are established in tower and after Project completion, its provides enough space for 110 companies.”

Referring to creation of 14 technological structures in KSTP, Azadi said: “Most of structures have been launched in cooperation with affiliated companies. Some of them, including the "Chemical Industry Accelerator", have been launched for the first time in Iran.”

KSTP’s President pointed out: “Entering new period promises development of technologies that we all see its impact on knowledge-based economy of region.”

Azadi continued: “exports of our companies have expanded from Iraq to Persian Gulf, Turkey and northern countries. it Indicates high capacity of  companies in the field of technology development.”

“2022 employees  are working for Startups and knowledge-based companies and most of them are university graduates.” Azadid added.

Azadi concluded:” we are planning to launch “tech Town of KSTP” and construction of its infrastructure will begin as soon as the credits are received, .”

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