Deputy Governor of Kermanshah said: “This year, Knowledge-based companies of Kermanshah must double”.

According to the Public Relations of Kermanshah Science and Technology Park, Behzad Babakhani on the sidelines of visiting Startups and knowledge-based companies located in Kermanshah Tech Tower, referring to naming of this year as the year of knowledge-based production and job creation, called for practical realization of this slogan and added: " we are trying to provide a real and practical realization of this slogan in Kermanshah."

He pointed to establishment of a knowledge-based economy headquarters in the Kermanshah and added: "This headquarters has been formed to realization this slogan, solving the problems facing knowledge-based companies and increasing them."

Babakhani added: "Today we visited Kermanshah Tech Tower to talk closely with companies and Startups to get familiar with their challenges and concerns”.

He went on to say: "our goal is doubling Knowledge based companies in Kermanshah, but along with quantity, the quality will also be taken into account so that we can achieve the second goal which is job creation ".

Babakhani further mentioned two main problems of knowledge-based companies as marketing and financing, and added: “solving the marketing problem of knowledge-based companies needs public sector as well as private organizations involvement.

He added: “we are seriously trying to overcome challenges, so that we can increase numbers of knowledge-based companies to provide more employment opportunities in the Kermanshah."


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