Governor of Kermanshah said:” Government Departments should meet their needs through domestic knowledge-based companies and importing from other regions and countries should be the second priority.”

According to Public Relations of the Kermanshah Science and Technology Park, Bahman Amiri Moghadam, referring to naming this year as the year of Production: Knowledge-Based and Job-Creating, said:” this slogan should not be limited to speeches and everyone is obliged to realize it.”

Appreciating performance of the Kermanshah ACECR (Jahad Daneshgahi) and KSTP in realization of this slogan, he added:” Fortunately, KSTP has taken good measures to support and strengthen knowledge bases companies.”

“One of the challenges of knowledge-based companies is the lack of awareness of government officials about these companies, more efforts should be made to introduce knowledge-based products to regional managers.” He continued.

Amiri Moghadam pointed out:” In order to introduce knowledge-based companies and their products and services, one of our solutions is the participation of two to three knowledge-based companies in provincial administrative council meetings.”

Governor of Kermanshah emphasized the need to support these companies and went on to say: “All the government officials of the province should meet their needs in the first stage through the knowledge-based companies and then think about importing from other provinces and countries.”

Amiri Moghadam reiterate:” Knowledge-based products in the province should first meet provincial needs and then be exported to other regions or countries.”

Governor of Kermanshah further announced:” we are planning for establishment of a town for knowledge-based companies. President has allocated 100 billion tomans in the project, and the construction of this settlement will begin as soon as the funds are received”

He added:” establishing this town, KSTP will provide the requirements for more and faster growth of knowledge-based companies in the region and increasing of their productions.”


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