President of Razi University in Kermanshah said: knowledge based firms have a huge impact on the production cycle of the wealth to knowledge.


According to public relations of Kermanshah Science and Technology Park, Professor Muhammad Mehdi Khodaii in the Special Meeting of knowledge based economy and knowledge based companies, pointing to the importance of knowledge based companies said: these companies are one of the key issues of country.

Khodaii added: well-organized knowledge based companies lead to great consequences in country.

“Increasing of knowledge based companies and supporting them would result in development of our country” he said.


 Also at this meeting, Dr. S. Delangizan, Director of incubator of Razi university said: knowledge based economy has been introduced since a decade ago in our country.

 He stressed: in our country approximately 110 incubators have been established, and the first center for knowledge based economy organized in Isfahan. Now for enhancing knowledge and technology, incubators established in every provinces of country and we hope these measurements lead to development and blossoming of science and technology.


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