Researchers of Kermanshah Jihad Daneshgahi designed and built the first version of Tray planter machine in the country.According to public relation office of Kermanshah Science and Technology Park, Reza Rahimi, Deputy of Kermanshah Science and Technology Park, about this achievement said: the first version of this machine was invented last year and its performance was very positive

  Rahimi added: one of the supported units of Kermanshah STP applied to invent the device and in cooperation with other supported units this machine was produced.


Rahimi stressed that Tray Planter machine in comparison with bare root seedlings has many advantages.


The imported model of this device has already been used in some of the provinces that cost between 40 to 50 thousand Euros but the production cost of domestic model is 20 million Tomans that is affordable.


Kermanshah STP has a plan to build 10 additional devices.


Tray planter machine was unveiled at Azar 27 on the third day of the Exhibition of Achievements of Jihad Daneshgahi.


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