Expanding communication with successful STPs all over the world is one of the Kermanshah STP’s plans. Some STPs in Turkey, Kurdistan of Iraq, South Korea, China and Malaysia are which Kermanshah STP has cooperation with. It implements an agreement signed with Gaziantep in Turkey last year. Also, Kermanshah STP contributed in a training workshop in South Korea this year and hopes to establish an office in China in the near future.


 On the other hand, Iraq is a high capacity market for Iranian SMEs. Last month Kermanshah STP’s expedition has traveled to Sulaymaniyah in order to implement the provisions of an agreement which was signed between them last year. Cooperation in agricultural activities, joint exhibitions and exchanging student are some important provisions of the agreement. The plans of Kermanshah STP are to establish an office in Sulaimaniyah.


Mentioned activities are done in order to facilitate cooperation among local and foreign SMEs.


Source: http://www.kti.ir


Translated by: Maryam Tahmasbi

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