A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Razi University as a scientific pole in Kermanshah and STP as an influential structure for accelerating technology.


According to public relation office of Kermanshah Science and Technology park, cooperation between universities and STPs is necessary to achieve the goals of outlook document and development  program of the country In order to provide a common ground for synergy of essential elements needed for expanding production, increasing wealth, improving national welfare and establishing a knowledge based society .


Accordingly the MoU was signed by Professor Muhamad Mehdi Khodaii, the president of Razi University and DR. Behruz Badku, the Head of Kermanshah STP.


 According to the MoU, these two scientific entities would cooperate in the field of Sandoughe Pezhuhesh va Fanavari, exchanging their university professors for running mutual educational workshop, activities that pave the way for running projects like Banke Bazr, Stem cells and ... Contributing to remove the barriers of Knowledge based companies' activities through making the thesises practical and performing comparative studies to introduce a new method of innovation and commercialization.


The credit of MoU lasts for 4 years.

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